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Are all contact experiences like mine?

Gwen Farrell

While the vast number of human-ET contact scenarios are similar in some aspects, no two are exactly the same. Each human experiencer is an individual who perceives and processes his or her contact through their own brain and personality that are unlike any other brain and personality in the Universe.

How can I communicate with ETs?

Gwen Farrell

This question is arising more and more frequently from scientists, researchers and investigators who are convinced of the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial beings and who want to take the next step of communicating with them. Interestingly, even some experiencers who have had contact for years are asking how they can initiate contract, rather than having to wait for ETs to come knocking on their bedroom doors at night. And yet, despite the growing interest in the subject, this may still be the most controversial of all the forbidden questions.

Should I get therapy for my contact experiences?

Gwen Farrell

Not necessarily. While all human-ET contact events share similarities, each experience is as individual as the person who experiences it. Human-ET contact can manifest in a multitude of ways and can happen a single time or recur repeatedly over the course of a lifetime. Some experiencers respond to these occurrences with joy and a feeling of...

Why Me?

Gwen Farrell

It’s likely that thousands of humans have had contact with ETs and don’t remember it or choose not to acknowledge it, but it’s unlikely that every human being has experienced contact. Experiencers are unique, and regardless of the nature of their contact, most of them want to know why ETs chose them rather than someone else. Sometimes ETs share their reasons, but in most cases, they don’t, and experiencers are left to wonder...

A Therapeutic and Spiritiual Approach to Working with Experiencers


A true spiritual emergency! As stan and christina grof made clear in their book spiritual emergency, when personal trans-formation becomes a crisis, cosmologies of all the ancient and pre-industrial cultures describe visitations from space people. Until recently in our modern times, events of this nature often led to a profound psycho-spiritual crisis, since the reality of these experiences was not accepted by professionals and our culture at large.

Experiencing high strangeness


Imagine something happening to you that you didn't think was possible, that made no sense and that no-one or very few other people believed. Where do you go with that experience? Who do you tell? How do you keep going in a world that often doesn't accept what happened to you, in a world that sometimes suggests you might be just a bit crazy?

Sleep paralysis during et encounters

Judy Carroll

The phenomenon scientists label as “sleep paralysis” has been described by many people undergoing encounter experiences with ETs. Having undergone such encounters since early childhood, I still clearly recall the first couple of times it happened and the awful fear and discomfort associated with it, but the reality is it’s simply a safety measure.

The Human Ladder

Judy Carroll

I have been an experiencer of contact with the extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional beings known popularly as “Greys”, or “Zetas”, since childhood back in the early 1950s. At times this contact has been fully-conscious, and has always been positive, with some wonderfully informative and uplifting messages and teachings being passed on. One of the most important of these was given back in 2001, on what the Zetas refer to as the “Human Ladder”.

Who are the greys, and why are they here?

Judy Carroll

“Greys” is just another term for the ETs known as “Zetas”, and is used for the simple reason that many of them are grey in color, but neither term is really correct. A better name for them would be “Guardians”. The name Zeta implies that they’re nothing more than just a species of extraterrestrial form the Zeta Reticuli star system..

Categories of ufo experiences

June R. Steiner

Many people have multiple experiences, some over an entire lifetime. Others may only have one event. One person in a household may be singled out or entire families may share events. Screen memories may have been utilized to keep the person from awareness of what actually happened....

Discussion of anomalous experiences and the importance of assisting individuals

June R. Steiner

Some examples of extra-ordinary or anomalous events are found in the UFO Encounter, the Near Death Experience, a Spiritual Crisis/Emergence, a Kundalini awakening, and the Shamanic Journey. These experiences range from the ecstatic to the profoundly traumatic, and regardless of where they lie on the spectrum are generally life-shaking or changing.

Therapeutic Methods for Facilitating and Assisting in the Recall, Understanding, Processing, and Integration of a UFO Experience while Reducing Accompanying Trauma/Anxiety.

June R. Steiner

It is assumed here that the counselor has had considerable experience with facilitating extra-ordinary events, especially those of a UFO nature and can readily create a safe, supportive, and compassionate environment for the experiencer to recall, integrate and utilize their learnings from the particular event. Trust and confidentiality are essential ingredients to assist in the full recall and disclosure of the UFO experience.