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The right step is the first one.

We're glad you're here.

Our Network consists of mental health practitioners, support groups, and partner organizations that are dedicated to helping Experiencers.

The Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support (OPUS) was founded in the United States in 1994 in order to educate and support people having unusual or anomalous personal experiences. Such experiences may include extraordinary states of consciousness, spiritual or parapsychological phenomenon, close encounters with non-human entities, and / or UFO/UAP activity.

Through our network, OPUS connects individuals with fellow experiencers, as well as professionals in an array of mental and medical health fields who are willing and able to work with and/or believe in the nature of these events.

All I can say to those of you who are reading this is we are not alone, YOU are not alone in this struggle, and together we can share our stories and support one another in the hopes of one day finally finding out why this is happening to us.


OPUS Support Group Member since 2019

Today, after more than twenty-five years of being a centralized connector and resource, OPUS continues to offer support for experiencers, their friends and family, and professional providers, worldwide.

I had an experience. Now what?

Each paranormal or anomalous experience is completely unique, as is each Experiencer. As such, OPUS works with each individual to offer the connections and support that is needed at each moment of their journey. Continue below for an overview of each of our services or, to get started immediately, click here to fill out a Support Request Form.



Our Experiencer Support Team is composed of professionals in the field of paranormal and anomalous activity with more than a century of combined experience, many of them Experiencers themselves. Together, the EST is a wealth of industry knowledge and is familiar with a vast array experiences. 

The initial consultation with an EST Associate is a way for Experiencers to receive compassionate listening as well as referrals to resources that are a best fit for the unique aspects of the event(s) experienced.


  • The consultation is approximately thirty minutes long and takes place over voice or video call (Zoom, Skype or other platform).

  • Experiencers are invited to share as much of the event(s) as is comfortable and to ask the Associate questions.

  • After the consultation, the Experiencer will receive referrals, if desired, to particular OPUS Providers (hypnotherapists, mental health practitioners, partner organizations), support groups, and educational resources.


Gwen Farrell

EST Director

Certified Hypnotherapist and Regression Therapist specializing in Experiencer Therapy, UFO Investigator, and author.


Marcie Klevens


MA, LMHC, mental health counselor trained in hypnotherapy and EMDR. 25 years of experience in paranormal phenomena.


Dale Sobotka


30+ years as founder and director of private psychiatry practice, including Experiencer clients. Public speaker.

View complete OPUS team bios under About Us.

Consultations are offered free of charge, but donations are always welcomed. To request a consultation, please complete a Support Request Form by clicking the button below.

Family & Friends of Experiencers

Not an Experiencer yourself, but have someone you love who is struggling with an Experience? You've come to the right place. Our expert team can provide educational resources and connections that will help you learn the steps and methods to support your loved one. Use the Request a Consultation button above and a member of our Experiencer Support Team (EST) will respond within 72 hours.



The OPUS Support Group is a peer-facilitated support group of Experiencers from around the world who gather to discuss, share and support each other through the process of exploring and understanding their experiences. Support group members may post questions, connections or resources, and can attend monthly online support group meetings. In addition to the consistent and ongoing support in the online forum, the community nature of our Support Group has often led to in-person meetings and lifelong friendships.


“Because of my being invited to this group and welcomed with wide, warm, open arms, I feel less lost…This group has been open to hearing my crazy ideas, my dreams, my thoughts, and my theories. They have helped me in making sense of it all. They gave substance to what I have wondered about all along….I come away less confused and not obsessing so much…I think most of all is the feeling of belonging. Knowing this group is here if need be, is a comfort. For, as many pointed out, there are few, if any, places to speak openly about this…The knowledge of this collective group is astonishing.”


As an experiencer, I walk through life with a secret. Over the years the weight of this secret has become a heavy burden, one that needed to be shared. The timing for joining OPUS could not have been more perfect in my life. Within this group, I have found a place for connection - one of understanding and acceptance. I was free to be me, an experiencer. Here there is a common language that we speak and understand, it is a bond that connects us - a bond that one feels within a family.

OPUS Support Group Member since 2016

OPUS Support Group Member since 2018


OPUS Support Group Member since 2018

I think this is a very special place, truly unique. OPUS has literally changed my life because over several years now, I’ve been able to come to terms with it all, as I continue to try to figure out what’s really going on…The privacy we have here to speak freely without ridicule make it possible to really find a solid footing, over time.


There are members from all over the world - South Africa, Australia, Canada, India. Sharing our experiences and talking things through without ridicule, is a unique and invaluable resource…We share photos and drawings and uncritically explore possibilities and commonalities. I can’t thank Les and the OPUS team enough for making this possible. Just being able to clearly talk about this high strangeness with others who are going through the same keeps me grounded.

OPUS Support Group Member since 2019

To request to join the OPUS Support Group, complete a Support Request form by clicking the button below.




Experiencer therapy and counseling have been shown to lessen chronic anxiety and mental health challenges that often follow paranormal experiences. Additionally, through the therapeutic process, Experiencers gain new insight into the events themselves and are able to move forward with new found confidence and abilities to deal with adversity. Research has shown that people who have chosen to work with a qualified counselor or therapist to explore their experiences are almost always satisfied with the decision.

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The OPUS Provider Network includes more than one hundred psychiatrists, psychotherapists, licensed counselors, social workers and other mental health professionals who are all experienced with, and desire to support, Experiencers of anomalous and paranormal activity. These practitioners understand the unique needs of Experiencers and the process of integrating and learning from these events in order to ultimately facilitate the healing that is possible for every Experiencer.


Many providers offer free initial consultations.


To begin, use our Support Request Form to schedule a consultation with our Experiencer Support Team (EST) who can match you to appropriate providers in our Network.




Hypnotherapy has proven safe and effective for anomalous event recall and exploration when conducted by certified and experienced practitioners. The OPUS Provider Network includes hypnotherapists in every U.S. state that are certified in basic hypnosis and therapeutic techniques, often with additional training in psychology and counseling. All of our hypnotherapists are open to, and have experience working with, patients who have encountered UFO/UAP or other anomalous phenomena. 


There are several considerations to take into account before undergoing hypnotherapy, such as:

  • Personal readiness

  • The presence of interpersonal relationships or life stability to offer support with what is recalled

  • Preparedness for the time and budget that may be required to remember the events to satisfaction 


Most hypnotherapists in our network offer a free initial consultation, and can be a valuable resource for exploring your readiness as well as describing more of the hypnotherapy process. To begin, use our Support Request Form to schedule a consultation with our Experiencer Support Team (EST) who will match you to appropriate providers in our Network.


OPUS members, providers and experiencers have found validation, healing, and strength when able to share and process their experiences in safe, supportive environments of like-minded individuals. When the unknown nature of the event is accepted, the individual who experienced the event can finally be seen and healed. In fact, many Experiencers have gone on to have thriving relationships and careers, and have become an important part of the growing and vibrant global Experiencer community. Here are some of the success stories from the OPUS Community.


Complete a Support Request form to select what kind of support or services you are interested in, and a member of our Experiencer Support Team (EST) will respond within 72 hours. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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